Saturday, January 15, 2011

Five Grain Congee with Corn

Five Grain Congee with Corn

1 cup Five Grain  rice
1 pack Corn kernels
4 cups Water
some Dried mushroom
some Salt


some Sugar
some Soy sauce
some Sesame oil


1. Soak dried mushroom until soft then shred
2. Marinate the shreded mushroom with the seasoning
3. Keep the water soaking the dried mushroom for later use
4. Soak the five-grain rice for one hour
5. Add 4 cups of water into the rice cooker
6. Add soaked five-grain rice
7. Pour the soaking liquid of dried mushroom into the dried mushroom into the rice cooker
8. Add the shredded dried mushroom
9. Mix in the corn kernels
10. Cook all the ingredients until ready. Season with salt

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