Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three Cups Chicken

Three Cups Chicken

 1 Dressed chicken
 3 slices Ginger
 2 cloves Shallot
 3 tbsp Oil
 1 tbsp Sesame oil
 1/4 cup Rice wine
 1/4 cup Dark soy sauce
 50g Rock sugar
 1 handful Thai basil


1.Clean and chop the chicken
2. Lightly pound the ginger and shallots
3. Heat oil in a pot and saute the ginger and shallot
4. Add chicken and cook until the color is changed
5. Add sesame oil and dark soy sauce, the simmer over medium heat
6. Break the rock sugar
7. Add rock sugar to the chicken with rice wine
8. Simmer over medium heat until thicken
9. Tear the thai basil
10. Sprinkle over the chicken and serve

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