Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Braised Chicken Wings

Braised Chicken Wings


 450g Mid joints of chicken wings
 2 sprigs Spring onion
 2 slices Ginger
 2 Star anises
 3 tbsp Light soy sauce
 2 tbsp Sugar
 1/2 cup Water
 2 tbsp Honey


1. Rinse the chicken wings and drain
2. Cut the spring onion into sections
3. Mix the chicken wings
4. Put in the ginger and star anises
5. Mix in light soy sauce and sugar
6. Stir well and rest for 30 minutes
7. Heat a pan
8. Stir in chicken wings and sauce
9. Add water and honey, convered
10. Simmer over medium  heat for 10 minutes until all the sauce is reduced , serve

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