Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rice Pasta with Sabayon Mixed Mushroom

Rice Pasta w/ Sabayon Mixed Mushroom

200g Rice pasta
3 pcs Mushroom
7 pcs Fresh mushroom
half Onion (sliced)
2 cup Chicken stock
1/2 cup White wine
200 ml Cream
2 pcs Egg yolk
some Butter
some Salt
some Pepper


1. Clean  the mushroom and fresh mushroom with cloth then slice
2. Heat butter in pan, saute the sliced mushrooms with salt and pepper
    over high heat until fragrant  set aside
3. Heat chicken stock in pot . Keep warm and set aside
4. Heat butter in pan
5. Saute the sliced onion
6. Stir - fry the recipe pasta
7. Pour  cook with low heat until the rice pasta soaks well with the chicken stock
8. Pour in white wine, cook for 7 minutes
9. Mix the sliced mushrooms with the cream
10. Turn off the heat mix well quickly with beaten egg yolk then serve

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